ITM has helped clients penetrate new markets, launch new concepts, strengthen long-term revenue streams, and achieve triple bottom-line results - economic viability.
ITM combines knowledge with creativity and intuition to help clients plan, define, design, grow, and deliver custom strategies that seamlessly connect the market, the experience, and the destination. ITM’s goal is to the see the long-lasting economic results of effective international tourism development and marketing.

Go West Results: Go West Summit has enabled more than $2.8 billion in tourism transactions in the Western USA. That number has continued to grow in Go West’s 25 year history with the combined approach of education, marketing and b2b meetings.

Go China Results: Trackable ROI was reported with over half of participating tour operators responding to the exit survey for the first ever Go China Summit held in 2010. In answer to the question, “How many visitors do you expect to bring to China in 2011?” they estimated over 65,000 in the first year alone. The number of visitors is expected to increase in subsequent years as a result of the first Go China Summit. Based on the tour operator survey information these visitors are estimated to spend an average of $2,900 or 19,124 RMB during their visit to China with an average per day expenditure of between $200‐$400 USD or 1,319‐2,638 RMB. Estimated total annual revenue from the tour operators that responded to the survey is $188,616,000 USD or 1,246,308,475 RMB. Again, this estimated revenue is derived from only half of the participating tour operators who attended Go China Summit 2010.